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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Technical Questions

Q1. Can I use this kit for the other samples, such as skin, hair?

A1. This kit is designed for nail only (Tinea Unguium). Not only strip technology itself, the extraction technology should also be optimized to the nature of specific sample. This kit extraction technology is optimized for the nail sample.

Q2. Can I RE-USE this kit for several times?

A2. No, this kit is designed for once use. one box included 10 strips. The number of stir rods and the one of test tube is also 10 in one box. On each test, test strip, test tube and stir rod is used only once and cannot be re-use.

Sales related Questions

Q1. How can I purchase this kit?

A1. JNC DOES NOT directly selling this kit. You can purchase this kit via each distributor in each country. Please refer the Distributor page for your region.

Q2. Can I require the sample to evaluate even at the region where JNC does not have distributor and/or certification?

A2. Yes, we are always happy to ship the sample. It might be three cases as below.
(1) If the distributor is avalable in your country, please contact them first.
(2) If our certification list include your country/region but no distributor is available, please contact us.
(3) If our certification list DOES NOT include your country/region, you can use the sample only "Research Use Only" or "Investigation Use Only." We will require the agreement for limited use and ship with such a label.

Other information to customers

Precautions for Handling

(1) Handling Extraction Buffer

If the extraction solution comes in contact with the eyes, mouth, or skin, rinse thoroughly with running water as first aid, and seek medical treatment if necessary.

(2) Wearing a mask, gloves

When handling samples and this kit, wear a mask, gloves and other protective apparel. Wash hands thoroughly after testing.

(3) Handling as if potentially infectious

All samples used for the test should be handled as if potentially infectious. Used test strips, extracted samples, test tubes and stirring rods should be handled in the same manner as samples.

(4) Wiping with such as sodium hypochlorites solution

To prevent infections from spilled samples or solutions containing samples, wipe the spilled and contaminated area thoroughly with disinfectant such as sodium hypochlorite solution.

Precautions for Use

(1) Storing at 2 to 30 ℃

This kit should be stored at 2 to 30 ℃. Avoid freezing and exposure to direct sunlight.

(2) Do not mix different lots

Do not combine reagents of different lots.

Precautions for Disposal

Please dispose of Diafactory properly in accordance with applicable laws.

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